Empty Nest

I know that having a craft/sewing room is an incredible privilege. But oh my goodness it is one I’ve got used to! Right now The Pumpkin Room looks like this:

Builders are coming tomorrow to start on at least 2 months of work fixing internal subsidence damage. With all the stuff gone you can see why: 

Under the paper it looked like this 

They will redecorate, and the bonus is that almost all the woodchip will go too! They don’t make the pumpkin colour paint anymore and the insurance won’t run to bespoke mixing so technically it will be the ‘tangerine’ room when finished – but shhh don’t tell anyone!

But, though I know it needs doing and it will be fresher and new when done, all my fabric, thread and crafting supplies are packed away. The ironing table is gone. I am ridiculously sad without it all. Sewing is my happy place. But it is also where I go to in my head when I’m so busy my brain won’t stop working, even when I have a bit of time to rest. When I’m sat at the machine the worries of work are all outside that room. Wow I’m going to miss it.

The builders arrive in the morning, I will actually pack the machines away at the last minute. They are doing most of the rooms in the house, but maybe if they get this one done early we are thinking maybe maybe I can be back in sooner than planned…

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