Christmas Salad

This is hardly rocket science (okay that pun was totally unintentional). But my Facebook friends have loved and shared my picture so I thought I’d post a quick blog.

I had the task of making salad for the office bring and share (potluck) Christmas lunch. I was a bit disappointed as I thought it was hard to get creative. However, with a little effort here is a festive salad!

You will need

  • Hummus (I made mine but clearly this isn’t essential!)
  • Rocket leaves, any green salad leaves would do but I was pleased with the spiky effect. I used spinach too but it wasn’t as effective.
  • Cherry tomatoes 
  • Celery, carrot and cucumber all cut into batons 
  • Yellow pepper deseeded and cut into stars, I used two sizes of Cookie cutter to do this, they wouldn’t actually slice through the pepper but I used them as a template.
  • Oval platter
  • Square dish for hummus


  1. Cut all the pieces ready
  2. Put the rocket in a rough triangle
  3. Add the batons around, make the zigzag sides of the tree by pushing the batons in towards the rocket
  4. Add the green side of cucumber batons to emphasise the edges
  5. Place the hummus dish
  6. Add the tomatoes
  7. Add the pepper stars

As I was leaving the house I suddenly also thought of edible glitter, so it is the in the picture but I doused it incupcake glitter too!

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