Baby Bouquet

I made this bouquet for a friend at work who is having twins, my colleagues and I wanted to give her a gift when she left to go on maternity leave. I made all the elements from ideas I found online (the links are all below). But I love the ideas you see of presenting baby stuff as cakes and so on and thought it would be nice to try making a display she could enjoy before the babies arrive.


So first of all, what’s in the bouquet

2 Snuggle Swaddlers – I looked at lots of different versions but I used this pattern from Lotta Jansdotter. I used the pattern but put it together intuitively as I got impatient with the instructions.

4 Burp Cloths – having asked around a lot I made them about 24×12 inches. I used a metre of Bamboo towelling (which I bought from ebay) as it dries fast and quilting cotton from my stash.

2 Hats – ahem, well I found a size guide but then just freestyled the pattern.

2 Butterfly rattles – not my best sewing, but hopefully fun! Pattern from Sew Mama Sew Butterfly tutorial

2 Dummy Clips – I bought the clips from Amazon and just sewed a strip of cloth put the clip on one end and soft velcro on the other.

12 Dribble bibs – again there are lots of bib patterns out there, this was the one I used and I thought it was great Bandana bib

So on to Bouquet assembly:

If I wasn’t worried about getting sticky tape on the fabric this would be easy, but I needed to come up with non sticky ways of making all the items into flowers and leaves. The methods below are all variations on a theme using

  • Fine string
  • Wide straws
  • masking tape
  • Pipe cleaners – or chenille sticks as they seem to be sold as!

When I’d made all my elements I put them in the vase and just as I got it perfect the whole thing fell over, so before you start please weight the vase! I used loads of plasticine, and pushed a few holes in it with the end of a wooden spoon. Then the first straw stems I put in I squished in with more plasticine so that it became stable. img_1357

First the ‘leaves’ which are the swaddlers, the steps are in the picture mosaic below.

  1. Put a long piece of string across the front
  2. Fold over
  3. Draw the string together and tie with a knot that wont slip.
  4. Put the ends of the string through the straw.
  5. Put a stopper of masking tape between the 2 threads coming out the end on the straw and tie again.

Next the burb cloths which are quite large and bulky so take a bit of manipulating.

  1. Fold the burb cloth in a zig zag
  2. Tie together in the centre
  3. Hold the centre and gather up into a flower shape and tie it there
  4. Hook a chenille stick through the string at the base.
  5. Add a straw to add stability.
  6. Tape the end of the chenille stick in place.

Next the hats, I wanted these to look like poppies, this required a slightly different technique as the hats are round.

  1. Stand hats up
  2. Push centre down all the way
  3. Add something to the centre, I hunted around for something which wasn’t a choking hazard and used these little bows.
  4. turn up the other way and loosely tie the lump in place
  5. Loop a chenille stick around the string in the centre and add a straw.
  6. Gather the edges of the hat together and tie in place

Butterflies and Dummy clips

These easily just looped with string or a chenille stick and I added a straw as with the other items.img_1356

Last but not least the roses which are the dribble bibs. I apparently forgot to take pictures of the method for these – I have no idea why. So I have replicated the method with a spare cut bib shape I didn’t use. The key thing is to anchor the stem with the chenille stick so that the rose doesn’t fall off the stem.

  1. Turn over a couple of inches of the chenille stick
  2. Place at one end of the bib
  3. Fold over the end and the top of the bib and begin to roll (I would actually do this with two hands not on the table)
  4. Continue to shape and gather as you turn until you are nearly at the end
  5. Use the Velcro fixing of the bib itself to hold the rose closed. You might have to dig around in the centre a bit to do this.

The rest is just flower arranging!

Baby Bouquet.jpg

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