Welcome to the Pumpkin Room! My name is Naomi Nixon, I’m a Church of England Priest, a (mostly) self taught sewing enthusiast and generally excitable about making lovely things.

The Pumpkin Room is what we call my craft room, when we moved in it was the colour of the paint we used in that room, the name just stuck.

I created the blog to give myself an outlet for my extroverted approach to making things and to give my facebook friends a break from my endless posting of pictures of stuff I’d made! I cannot describe the buzz I get from seeing that you’ve visited my blog, do comment and tell me what you think.

2012-05-21 13.09.10

Me, and a giant icecream sundae!

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Naomi
    I’m also aC of E priest in Rossendale and a keen crafter. I mostly sew clothes but make bags and have made some vestments and altar frontals. I love some of your ideas for prayer stations and quiet days and may borrow some!
    Every blessing

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