Pentecost Flames

There are so many lovely things you can do with the symbol of flames for the Holy Spirit at Pentecost. I’ve been desperate for Pentecost to come ever since I thought of this. 

Usually if I’m doing something visual in worship it is an interactive idea, but this was just to look great. Though having said that I hope it will inspire people as we hear the story of the flames of the spirit dividing and resting on the heads of the disciples.

If you wanted to do the same thing you will need:

  • Between 12 and 15 foil curve Balloons. The link is to the ones I used but lots of places sell them, the key is to look for ‘curve’ shaped ones, though they look like flames to me that isn’t what they are sold as. I bought a variety of sizes from 28inch to 42 inch, but it is the big ones that make the whole thing float well so don’t over economize. 
  • 2 cans of the disposable helium listed in the same site.
  • Flame coloured tulle spools (we really enjoy saying that in my house) I bought 3 (red, orange and yellow) 6inch wide. Mine were 100 yards long but I probably only used half. I just got them from Amazon here.
  • Curling ribbon for securing the balloons.


  1. Inflate the balloons somewhere with a low ceiling!
  2. Tie a long piece of curling ribbon to each
  3. Tie them together with different length ribbons in several bunches
  4. Take them into the church and have someone else hold on as you arrange the bunches at different levels and tie them all together saving a bunch of 2 or 3. 
  5. Tie the tulle on without cutting it off the spool, this way you can pull it down if it floats off.
  6. Position the flames where you want them using the tulle to move it around.
  7. Now anchor the flames in place with the curling ribbon, mine is tied to the lecturn and pulpit!
  8. Now you can be freely flouncy with the tulle. Try and drape it higher than people’s heads.
  9. Make sure you put some tulle behind the balloons as well as in front or they will start drifting forwards. Hopefully the next picture shows this.

10. If the tulle will start to weigh down the balloons a little by the time you’ve finished so now you add those saved balloons  and it will ping back up.

And voila! I loved doing this is was fun and felt like painting in the air. Watching the balloons float the fabric up is magical.

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