Serve – looking outward for vocation

This was my favourite prayer station in the set. So often calling invites introspection, which is fine, but this looks out into the world for what is needed and where we can contribute best.

The idea is that you look through the pile of mini maps and let yourself be drawn to one. That then becomes a focus for prayer, discerning what the people there might need, and how you might serve.

It would also work as a prayer station for a parish vision day – a more detailed map of a church’s own area divided up for people to pray for.

You will need:

  • Luggage tags, these were about 10cm long. I wanted them to be big enough to see but small enough to to sit in the palm of the hand.
  • Maps, I used OS maps, clearly left over from my Map Wallpaper Stairs project! 3 squares was roughly the size of a parish (going by how often there was a church in the map).

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