Sticky Boards

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This is a really basic idea, but people always love it. Essentially you turn some sort of surface (here an artist’s canvas) into a giant post-it note using repositionable spray mount. Then, non sticky paper can be added to make a picture or display. It is great as a teaching aid in a classroom or a prayer aid in church. It is endlessly adaptable so don’t be limited by this example.

You will need:

  • Canvas – I used the biggest stretched canvas on a frame that The Works had for sale. Any surface will do though.
  • Paint – If you want a partial picture like my sky, grass and tree branches, acrylic paint works well.
  • Repositionable Spray Mount – you can get it from any office supply shop but here’s the amazon link: Repositionable Spray Mount
  • Coloured Paper – I’ve used several shades of green paper, regular printer paper sticks best, sugar paper can be a bit heavy.


  1. If you are painting a background do this first. One of the things I love about Acrylic paint is how fast it dries. An hour between this stage and the next would be ample. I doubt I waited more than ten minutes.
  2. Shake the spray mount really well, this is not the bit to cut corners on because if you release the gas without glue you will end up with expensive glue inside the can with no way to spray it on.
  3. Cover the entire canvas with spray mount. I tend to use an action more like vacuuming than like mowing the lawn – backwards and forwards making progress across the surface rather than steady stripes.
  4. A few minutes later do another whole layer.
  5. You now have a giant post it note! Cut out leaves or use whole A4 pages, they will now stick to the canvas.

This particular project was for All Age Worship, members of the congregation were given a leaf along with their service sheet, pens were in the pews. As a prayer response to the message they were asked to write on the leaves and add them to the trees, I think this particular one was ‘Church Family Tree’ so the leaves were for a person who shared faith with us.

If you are careful not to get the surface dusty you can use it several times without re spraying.

This is a bit of a practice post so please let me know in the comments if I’m not describing things well.


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